Administrator for The Grand Order of Lady Ratlings

Please send all correspondence for the GOLR to:

Sharon Maxim, 25, Milton Road, Wallington, Surrey. SM6 9RP

Tel: 07954 564372   Email: [email protected]

Secretary for the GOLR Cup of Kindness and Charitable Donations

Susan Paule

12 Wavell Drive, Sidcup, Kent. DA15 8QZ

Tel: 020 8859 7771 

Please send all correspondence and donations for the GOLR Cup of Kindness direct to the Secretary of the GOLR Cup of Kindness.

Roswyn House (Roswyn events/ accommodation for Lady Ratlings only)
13 Streatham Common South,
London, SW16 3BT

07954 564372 or [email protected] 


If you would like to become a Friend of the Lady Ratlings and receive some newsletters throughout the year of our events and what is happening with the Lady Ratlings, then please apply by emailing LR Shani Cantor and she will send you back an application form. : [email protected]