About Us

Companion Ratling: HRH The Princess Royal

President of the Cup of Kindness: PO Debbie McGee

The Grand Order of Lady Ratlings (established in 1929) welcomes professional performers, wives of Water Rats and Companion Rats, and those directly connected with the theatrical profession.

The ultimate accolade for a member is to become Queen Ratling, who presides for one year over the Lodges as well as the charitable work of the Order.

The Grand Order of Lady Ratlings is a unique showbusiness organisation. 

Lady Ratlings come from all different backgrounds and members include actors, singers, dancers, circus performers, magicians, agents and other people directly connected with TV, film and theatre industry.

Members fundraise for the GOLR, The GOLR Cup of Kindness (reg.1101033), and their own house for it's members, Roswyn and they produce shows, organise events and above all enjoy the camaraderie of a shared background in showbusiness.

Events are held throughout the year and if you would like to be kept informed please contact the Administrator

phone: 07954 564372

email: [email protected]