The Cup of Kindness


Registered Charity No 1101033

President of the The Cup of Kindness Dame Barbara Windsor D.B.E.

Our charity was inaugurated in May 1931with £50.  Our aim has always been to keep the ‘Cup’ brimming over with contributions that are used to help others. The Spring Lunch has become an annual fundraising event, always a terrific occasion, particularly when targets are reached for a special project. 

Today the Cup of Kindness is keeping up the good work, noticeably in practical ways. A once in a lifetime holiday for sick children, means of transport for people who are disabled or housebound, as well as helping our Sister Ratlings when help is needed.  The Cup of Kindness continues to give money for specific items of equipment. Cups come in all shapes and sizes and we have one of our very own, The Cup of Kindness.  May it always be filled to the brim.

For further information on the Cup of Kindness please contact the Secretary Babs Bruce on 020 8429 1146 or via email on [email protected]

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